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Ferdi B Dick, started off as a 3D animator and subsequently moved towards physical crafted sculpture. Ferdi currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. The result of his training in utilizing modern technology and embodying classical and old world lost-wax bronze and modern stainless steel sculpturing, a body of work that plays superbly in the overlap between digital and tangible, three-dimensional creatures with exaggerated features and forms that are directly influenced from cartoons and animation are created. He uses innocent childlike characters and forms with strong personal emotion connection thus re-appropriating popular culture and placing it in the visual arts.

Ferdi has a strong passion and compassion for animals, in particular for our wildlife and domestic animals. His focus is in trying to capture their emotions from the inside out, as these animals are unable to project and speak out on their fears, happiness or anger. Ferdi’s artwork focuses on the emotional state of animals, and with feedback from what is happening in South Africa, he empathizes the perspective of the animal’s emotional state with its environmental issues, anthropomorphizing animals in an animated or action-orientated motion.

His sculptures are largely character-driven, with a comical, childlike and edgy quality. A recurring theme of fluidity and molten forms unifies his characters, a direct influence from his animation work that is heightened by his use of polished bronze or stainless steel. They start out as digital models, find material form via 3D printing, and finally are cast in bronze.

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