The ox sculpture was commissioned for the city of Taiyuan, China, to commemorate the year of the metal ox in 2021. The Ox is a symbol of strength and persistence. He is always working hard and has little time for play. This Ox explores the inner side where he never gets to show. He is playful and enjoying himself in the water fountain. The ox is splashing in the pool of water, kicking the water into swirls of water movement around him.

The Ox is kung fu kicking water onto passerbys, making it interactive and inviting them to come play with him. One can pose under the wave of water for a selfie and social media. There are silver water droplets on the ground where people can step on and pose for photos. If a car would drive past, it would feel like the splash is going on to the car and drawing their attention. His movement and his highly polished gold skin brings flow of wealth and happiness to the doors of the shopping centre.



This is a 360o view of the sculpture. To view, move left or right with your finger or mouse on the interactive model.


 This ox stands at 5.5 meters in height, blending harmoniously with the environmental and tall buildings around it. The ox is made of polished stainless steel and gold finish. With a high polish, the skin of the ox and the water reflects the environment and people around it, and plays with the lights that reflect on it.

The ox is currently being manufactured to scale. These images are concept renders showing how the final sculpture will look like on completion.

Production photos and videos