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Dog Roar Stainless Steel

Sale price$6,733.00

In the Lion’s breath series, this dog sculpture sits in contradiction to the undomesticated lion, opposing their origins, their role and their interactions with humans. Dogs are playfully and humoristic, and is a trademark of my artwork as I am a passionate dog lover. The sculpture was designed to infuse the quirkiness of a dog, playing around with the Lion’s breath pose. This man’s best friend sits patiently by itself, creating its own breathing space to greet, heal and be happy.

Stainless steel is a high-end, high-value material that is ideal for the modern art collector looking for visually striking and long-lasting sculptures. My sculptures are made from high-grade 316L stainless steel and mirror polished to perfection. This material offers a unique combination of durability and visual appeal and is resistant to rust, corrosion, and other forms of degradation. This makes this material suitable for indoor and outdoor sculptures, while its shiny and reflective surface creates a sense of movement and dynamism. With its durability, visual appeal, and versatility, stainless steel is a popular medium among contemporary artists and a top choice for art collectors.

YEAR: 2023

SIZE SMALL: 35 cm height x 23 cm width x 28 cm depth

SIZE LARGE: 80 cm height x 52 cm width x 64 cm depth

MATERIAL: Polished Stainless steel


EDITION: 3 and 1 AP

Edition Number:
Dog Roar, Polished Stainless steel sculpture, 80 cm high by Ferdi B Dick, hero view
Dog Roar Stainless Steel Sale price$6,733.00