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Artist Bio

Ferdi B Dick began his career as a 3D animator and later transitioned to creating physically crafted sculptures. Utilizing modern computational technology, classical lost-wax bronze and crystal casting techniques, and exploring His work centres around capturing the innate movements and emotions of animals and giving them a voice through poses and postures. He has created ranges of sculptures, including a 7 piece collection of crying unicorns and bears, South African wildlife animals, and a growing collection of birds, dogs and cats.

By using modern materials such as stainless steel, Ferdi creates a three-dimensional body of work with exaggerated features and forms that are directly influenced by cartoons and animation.

Ferdi initially began with bronze sculptures, but has since explored different mediums and elements to showcase his pieces. He has also ventured into creating sculptures using stainless steel and crystal.

Ferdi B Dick has participated in several group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including in South Africa, Belgium, Spain, China, and Taiwan. Some notable highlights include showing at the Future Art Fair in Taipei, Taiwan in January 2020.

He has also had success in the realm of public sculptures, completing his first public sculpture in 2021, a 5-metre high Ox kicking up a splash, and 3 large tiger sculptures in 2022 in China. Recently, he completed an inflatable public sculpture of a 7 metre rabbit for the city of Taiyuan in 2023. He is currently working on a public sculpture for the city of Zhanjiang, China, featuring a massive 9-metre high stylistic whale with a water splash. The sculpture will be located in a prime spot in the new coastal CBD of Zhanjiang International Riverside.

In 2021, Ferdi B Dick won the Bronze Award and Most Market Value Award for his sculpture "Lina Lion Dancer" at the Zayton Cup International Design Competition in China.