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Dragon's Breath Stainless Steel (gold)

Sale price$6,762.00

Dragon's Breath was inspired from the Lion's Breath series, depicted with its tongue out mimicking the yoga posture of the same name, and the dragon invites you to join in releasing daily life pressures through this simple posture. This sculpture was specially designed for the year of the Dragon, and invites wealth, happiness, and a twist of humour.

Crafted from premium stainless steel 316, this sculpture is meticulously polished to perfection and adorned with gold plating.

YEAR: 2024

MATERIAL: Stainless Steel with gold plating

SIZE LARGE: 60 cm height x 53 cm width x 33 cm depth

SIZE MEDUIM: 35 cm height x 30 cm width x 19 cm depth

EDITION: 12 and 1 AP

Edition Number:
Dragon's Breath stainless steel with gold finish sculpture, limited edition, by Ferdi B Dick, hero view
Dragon's Breath Stainless Steel (gold) Sale price$6,762.00