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Ellie Roar Stainless Steel (light blue)

Sale price$16,092.00

"Ellie Roar Stainless Steel", an elephant sculpture featured in the 'Roar!' Exhibition, is an extension of my iconic lion character into a unique representation of an elephant, Ellie. Through art, I delve into the realm of emotions and humour. In this sculpture, the elephant raises its trunk, retracts its ears, and sticks out its tongue in a deafening 'Roar!' Mimicking the 'Lion's Breath' yoga posture, characterised by sticking out of the tongue and emitting a loud growl to release emotions, ROAR!!. This sculpture offers viewers an opportunity to connect with and release their own feelings, representing an exploration of emotional states through animated avatars.

This sculpture is crafted from polished stainless steel and coated with light blue high-gloss paint, achieving a contemporary finish—a truly innovative approach to high-quality polished sculptures.

YEAR: 2023

SIZE: 75 cm height x 64 cm width x 50 cm depth

MATERIAL: Polished Stainless Steel 304

EDITION: 8 and 1 AP

Edition Number:
Ellie Roar Stainless Steel, a elaphant colour blue, Limited edition, designed by Ferdi B Dick
Ellie Roar Stainless Steel (light blue) Sale price$16,092.00