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Lion's Breath Stainless Steel

Sale price$20,407.00

"Lion's Breath" by Ferdi B Dick explores the theme of emotional release and healing. The inspiration behind the sculpture comes from the artist's grandfather's love for lions and fond memories of making powerful growls with him. The interesting thing about a lion when it growls is it sticks its tongue out and this reminds me of the posture in yoga called lion's breath.

The sculpture focuses on this idea of lion's breath where the lion is depicted in the act of growling, with its tongue sticking out to release built-up emotions, tension, and pressure, reminiscent of the yoga posture's intention. The sculpture is made of high-quality grade 316L stainless material and has been polished to a reflective finish to capture the movement and energy of the lion.

With Lion's breath, I am portraying a sculpture to symbolise the strength of the lion, but infusing its vulnerability, creating a breathing space to reprieve from tension and to heal from its daily routine.

YEAR: 2023

SIZE LARGE: 125 cm height x 117 cm width x 118 cm depth

EDITION: 3 and 1 AP

SIZE MEDIUM: 60 cm height x 58 cm width x 58 cm depth

EDITION: 8 and 1 AP

MATERIAL: Polished Stainless steel



Edition Number:
Lions breath polished stainless steel sculpture large size by Ferdi B Dick , artist standing next to lion sculpture
Lion's Breath Stainless Steel Sale price$20,407.00