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The Beggar Stainless Steel

Sale price$11,383.00

 The Beggar is one of Ferdi B Dick’s dog series creations, depicting a dog begging for your attention. He adores you and wants to be with you, but is begging for treats or a quick walk around the block! Woof?

"The Beggar" is made of high-quality stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish, capturing the dog's movement and energy. The sculpture is a reminder of the love and affection that our furry friends have for us and how they express it through their actions and expressions.

YEAR: 2022

SIZE: 40 cm height 25cm width 31 cm depth

MATERIAL: Polished Stainless steel

EDITION: 8 and 1 AP

Edition Number:
The beggar, dog sculpture, Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture, by artist Ferdi B Dick, hero view 3
The Beggar Stainless Steel Sale price$11,383.00