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Ellie Roar Crystal (amber)

Sale price$639.00

"Ellie Roar Crystal," a sculpture available in amber, black, and violet is an artistic creation by Ferdi B Dick. This luxury collectible crystal art piece draws inspiration from the yoga posture "Lion's Breath." It embodies the transformative power of this yoga practice, symbolising emotional release and healing. Crafted from high-quality crystal, it stands at 18 cm tall and features an elephant with its trunk raised, tongue out, and ears folded back in a playful and expressive gesture. Made from top-tier crystal, it presents a unique combination of transparency, colour, and brilliance.

YEAR: 2023

SIZE: 18 cm height x 15 cm width x 12 cm depth


EDITION: 8 and 1 AP

Edition Number:
Ellie Roar, 18 cm height an elephant colour amber, Limited edition, designed by Ferdi B Dick, hero view
Ellie Roar Crystal (amber) Sale price$639.00